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Krugers Sheetmetal are the manufacturers of 'The Chicken Feeder'

Backyard chicken keeping should not be a chore, another thing that has to be done.

Chickens in you backyard should add a calming simpler element to your life.

The Chicken Feeder by Krugers SheetmetalBut if you are:

    • Sharing your chicken feed with the local mouse, rat & sparrow population?
    • Needing to race home (before chook curfew) just to feed them?
    • Not able to go away for a break without having to ask friends or neighbours to feed your feathered flock?

Well HERE'S THE ANSWER that allows you to enjoy home-grown eggs while fitting into the busiest lifestyle -
The Chicken Feeder

Made in Australia by experienced sheet metal fabricators and perfected over 15 years of use, the quality of this unit has been thoughtfully considered and designed well. This hopper style treadle feeder will save you money on feed and stop risk of contaminants from wild birds and rodents entering your feed. The operation of the feeder cannot harm your chickens and is suitable for small bantam sizes through to larger birds. Includes instructions on training and requires little maintenance.

Make an investment for your flock

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The Krugers Chicken Feeder in action



The Chicken Drinker by Krugers SheetmetalSave money and time with our great new chook drinker.

  • Provides your chickens with clean water (approx. 4 litres) that doesn’t evaporate, spill everywhere or soil easily.
  • Clean and simple design.
  • Easily mounted off the ground.
  • 50cm tall

To find out all about the Chicken Feeder and the Chicken Drinker by Krugers Sheetmetal, see the Chicken Feeder website.

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