Krugers Sheetmetal

If it's made of metal we can help

Photo of Pete Kruger

Kruger’s Sheetmetal is headed by Peter Kruger with nearly 30 years of experience.

We are well known within Bannockburn & District, Geelong & Ballarat and our customers have come to rely on our workmanship.


    We pride ourselves on producing top quality products

    We take pride in our work

    We take pride in our customer’s satisfaction with a job well done.


    ACHIEVEMENT     |     QUALITY     |     INTEGRITY    
    RESPECT     |     TRUST     |     PRIDE     |     EXPERIENCE    

Our Story -

1995 – Over a cuppa Krugers Sheetmetal was born in a shed in Lethbridge.

Peter worked alone in between gardening and chooks

1999 – Big step taken

Became a company and relocated to a small shed in Bannockburn

2000 - Staff employed

2001 – Take over shed next door as well

2005 - Too big for our small sheds – relocate to current factory in the Business Estate in Bannockburn

  • Can make more noise now

More staff Less staff – what a roller coaster of a ride

2016 - No staff, Peter on his own

2016 - Decision made to restructure business and bring it back home. 


2017 - the business with Peter at the helm is on a steady course for continuing success from The Old Wool Shed, Meredith, Victoria.


Brings a new day with new challenges. Bring It On